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Our Chickens

(NPIP Certified)

Coronation Sussex

Coronation Sussex are a dual purpose, jumbo breed of chicken.  They are docile and lay approx 260+ eggs a year.  The Sussex breed is listed as recovering on The Livestock Conservation priority list.  We sell hatching eggs, straight run chicks, and grow outs.


Silkie chickens are a fun, colorful, hairy, variety of chicken.  They are known for their unusual, silkie plumage with a friendly, docile disposition.  We breed them for interesting color patterns and occasionally have chicks, eggs, and adults for sale.

White-faced Black Spanish

The White-faced Black Spanish breed of chicken is our work in progress.  This breed is listed as critical on The Livestock Conservation priority list.  We hope to be able to have hatching eggs and grow outs for sale next year.

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