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The Sweet & Spicy Farm

    We are Sweet & Spicy!

We are a veterinarian owned, family, fiber farm and garden.  We raise spoiled-rotten Angora goats (CAGBA registered) to produce a beautiful, fine mohair.  Our goats receive high quality care and food and are selectively bred to ensure the highest quality of mohair.  We recently added two retired show llamas to our fiber pack to act as guardians and pretty pasture ornaments.  They specialize in posing for photos.
All of our fiber animals have spice names hence the "Spicy" part of our farm name.  The "Sweet" side of our farm name is to honor the honeybees we care for and try to nurture through natural farming techniques.  We keep an uncut, wildflower, native patch of pasture specifically for our bees and other pollinators as well as an extensive, flowering garden. Our farm is included in the Rosalynm Carter Butterfly Trail as a pollinator habitat.
We also raise and sell Coronation Sussex and Silkie chickens, chicks, and hatching eggs. We are NPIP certified and members of CAGBA and the Livestock Conservancy.

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